2016 – A Year To Remember !!

Dear Friends

Welcome to our first post of 2017 , may I take this opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy new year ,

With arguably one of the most pivotal years in a century behind us we look forward to an exciting new year and the fresh challenges that lie ahead ,one of the major attractions in the world of antiques is the uncertainty of what we may uncover at any given time, the next journey , phone call, e-mail, viewing of a sleepy auction house or hopefully an invitation to view a private collection, these are amongst the factors that give us that buzz, the energy and the enthusiasm to travel tens of thousands of miles across the world each year in search of hidden treasures .

It remains my firm belief, and has been demonstrated for decades, that despite political unrest and financial uncertainties there will always be a place somewhere in the world for high quality Japanese works of art from the great Meiji period, in my opinion these works are amongst the finest goods ever produced by man .

I have enjoyed every hour of every day, and every mile spent in the air, on the road or at sea during 2016 , the joy of bringing these wonderful pieces to a worldwide audience is beyond compare, I look forward to sharing that journey with you once again in 2017.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Best Wishes

Steve Sly