Elephant And Tigers Arrive Safely In The Uk

Dear Friends

With the “apparent” UK Summer break coming to an end , the little loves going back to school and early signs of Autumn in the garden, it is full steam ahead in the world of Japanese art , with Asian art week London, and many exhibitions and fairs to take in over the coming months.

Not that I have had the luxury of a break as yet , no far from it !!

Indeed we have spent the last month or so dealing with a sudden influx of mainly overseas enquiries , and on the buying front we have never been busier , it is very rewarding to see the hours of hard work developing our online presence now bearing fruit, whilst clearly providing a much needed service worldwide , it always gives me great pleasure to bring previously undiscovered “market fresh pieces” to our ever increasing client base.

The gentleman’s story we have had permission to highlight below typifies the frustrations of many people across the globe, who for one reason or another struggle to obtain fair prices, or even more alarming , accurate appraisals, for their family treasures.

The gentleman in question Alan Zindler is a very clever man and a scientist , so disillusioned was he with American dealers and auction houses that he had contacted , that he decided to eventually carry out his own price study of similar Okimono sold over a 16 year period , he compiled a 32 page document for presentation with his piece , the content of his contemporaneous study document together with our friendly but frank e-mail discussions eventually led him to a price conclusion that satisfied both parties , we then arranged fully insured shipping and secure immediate payment for this seller.

It just proves yet again that distance is no object if both the buyer and the seller wish to achieve their respective goals !!

I am delighted to now offer our exclusive members first chance to own this gentleman’s precious Elephant Okimono Group :


Dear Steve,

You don’t know me, but I feel as if I know you. My name is Alan Zindler, I live in Boston Massachusetts, and I have an elephant-tiger okimono made by Miyabe Atsuyoshi that I want to sell. I first came across your website last November shortly after I had begun to consider selling the piece. Finding your site was like a wonderful breath of fresh air as I realized almost immediately that I had finally found someone with an online presence who was both knowledgeable and passionate about Meiji metalwork. I have learned a great deal from you thanks to the information you’ve made available on your website and the clarity of your expository writing style. And, during the course of pursuing a project that I’ll tell you about shortly, I began to develop a love of my own for Meiji metalwork which is in no small part a reflection of your enthusiasm and passion for the art. So, you see, I do feel as if I know you. As I gather from your website that you may be interested in acquiring a piece like this, I would greatly appreciate your getting back to me at your earliest convenience to discuss it further. I will be very sad to see it go – it belonged to my father and was his absolute favorite…

Thanks very much and I am looking forward to talking with you.

Best regards


If you find yourself in a similar situation we would be delighted to try and help; simply contact us at ;mailto:steve@steveslyjapaneseart.com

Look out for many new and exciting pieces arriving from overseas clients in the coming weeks, with contacts on the ground as far afield as Europe , the USA and Australia , I can promise you many more market fresh and completely unseen pieces, some of which will feature first in our members area.

Best wishes

Steve & Ryan

UPDATE : Sold from our exclusive members area within the first few hours of listing .