February Newsletter 2018

Dear Friends

Welcome to our February newsletter

With the antiques industry traditionally quieter at this time of year, and a large swathe of UK and European dealers heading to the sunnier climbs of Florida for the various antique fairs (tempting I must say) we tend to find our focus aimed mainly towards on our online gallery’s , we have been pleasantly surprised by the increase in demand for our more “price range “ collectable items during January, and in particular Netsuke, this can be a very specialist marketplace at a much higher price point, and indeed probably the most collected of all Japanese art forms, although not professing to be market leaders in Netsuke, I feel we have a good eye for the right pieces , especially at what appears to be a hugely collectable price point under £5,000, indeed this month alone we have virtually sold all of our Netsuke stock to new clients in Southern Europe and the USA and a very valued existent client in Australia for whom we reserve our Horse themed Netsuke, the US buyers are sadly only able to enjoy the carved wood Netsuke due to their governments ill thought import legislation.











Please read our introduction to Netsuke here

ROUP OF THREEIf you are of a mind to start collecting or indeed add to your existing collection then all is not lost, we have successfully managed to pick through and purchase the best of a large UK collection of both Boxwood and Ivory Netsuke, and we are privileged also to have been offered some fine quality Netsuke from a long standing North of England collection, most of which will be hosted in our gallery in the coming weeks, we are always very keen to buy entire collections, please keep an eye on our Netsuke section here

A very price attractive but simply beautiful quality Boxwood and Shibayama Netsuke will appear as the featured item in this months Members area, formerly part of the high quality Julius and Arlette Katchen collection and actually signed by a member of the Shibayama family, it is sure to appeal to both Netsuke collectors and of course Shibayama collectors , enjoy the feature!


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Steve and Ryan