May Newsletter 2020

Dear Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you and your families safe and well.

As a very positive person even I find myself struggling to take on board what is currently going on in the world, it is certainly very unnerving to say the least.

What has come out of this for me is the stark realization that we have lost our often taken for granted freedoms, everyday chores like walking the Dog or watering the garden are now a real pleasure, the weekly events of strolling through the local market or nipping to the garden centre for lunch, or taking out the grandchildren are in fact some of the most important things in life, we just didn’t seem to know it at the time, life got in the way.

What joy returning to the “new normal“ will hopefully bring.

With social distancing likely to be part of the new normal for the foreseeable future I have taken the difficult decision to postpone my planned 2020 Asian art London exhibition. I had to make many financial and other commitments leading up to the event, with photographers, publishers, gallery booking and accommodation to name but a few, it was not right to leave these business contacts and organisations in suspense, all being well we will come back stronger in 2021.

The upside is that I am now able to host a selection of my saved items in our exclusive members area in the coming months, starting this month with this well-travelled pair of Silvered Bronze Hawks on stands by Akasofu Gyoko, remarkably now back in our hands after visits to Taiwan and Paris, please read the interesting provenance in our members area:

In other news the 2Covet platform continues to gather momentum with many enquiries and sales acknowledged by our dealers in recent weeks, in fact I personally sold a Japanese ceramic dish by an Imperial artist to a dealer in Singapore last week. It is no surprise that this type of platform will be a dealer and collectors first point of call in the current climate and likely the way that our shopping habits will continue in the future. Please take a look at our latest dealers and their stock at

Finally for now like many I had given thought to an initiative to raise funds for our fantastic NHS and care workers, and quite frankly that is where many peoples good intentions stay, just as thoughts, which is understandable, it’s a difficult balance and possible conflict using a business to raise funds.

But spare a moment to consider 99 year old Captain Tom Moore who by now has raised around a remarkable £30 million for the NHS, starting with his walk around the garden and culminating with a number one record in the charts.

The word HERO is far too often used in todays society, particularly for sports personalities, who whilst they might perform remarkable feats, are certainly not heroes in my eyes.

Captain Tom on the other hand is a HERO, not for raising 30million for the NHS, not for having a number one record, but for putting himself on the line 80 years ago when our country needed him, he rightly joins the remaining veterans, together with the selfless NHS doctors, nurses and social care workers putting their safety on the line today to save lives and keep us safe during this terrible pandemic.

They are the real Heroes.

Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom & thank you NHS.

Best wishes and stay safe.