November Newsletter 2020

Dear Friends

Welcome to our November Newsletter

I wish to start by thanking the many of you that have called, texted and e-mailed such positive feedback upon receipt of your copy of my inaugural “2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler’, it really does inspire me to proceed with next year’s production, providing of course I can source enough market fresh items. I am certainly looking forward to the challenge and thank you sincerely for your kind words.

One particular client reminded me that he only came onto my stand at the NEC in 2013 to look at a piece of Royal Doulton that caught his eye (part of a job lot) , anyway he spotted my Japanese Meiji period items and has continued to visit us and collect them to this day, I know he will not mind me repeating the pertinent statement in his e-mail, in that he “so wished he had found Japanese works of art earlier in his life”

I have previously warned everybody about Japanese works of art getting under your skin, here is another example, be careful

Limited copies are still available at only £25 inc free worldwide shipping, please contact with your address details to request your copy.

As you will know from last month’s newsletter we had a very successful pre-launch with multiple early sales stimulated by first sending out a PDF of the book, a formula that I think might need to be seriously considered once again next year as we enter seemingly endless rounds of lockdowns and political infighting, where will it all end, hopefully a scientific breakthrough is not too far away.

In the days leading up to and following delivery of the hardback copy of the publication a steady stream of enquiries have once again been received with a handful resulting in further sales.

Without doubt my favourite item for the sheer technical brilliance and artistry were the stunning quality Nakagawa Yoshizane vases -plate 14, they have now found their way home to Japan along with the shakudo ground Suzuki Chokichi vase at plate 3.

The large decorative iron fish panel – plate 13 has found a home in a new UK collection whilst the charming shakudo box by Murata Morihisa – plate 11 has been delivered to a USA collector, and with the Oshima Joun okimono of Gamma Sennin- plate 19 also finding a new home it is probably fair to say I am completely overwhelmed with the results so far.

We still have some amazing Exhibition items to individually list on our website and the other marketplaces we subscribe to, including

Some of the pieces are grand in scale or maybe need to be seen and handled to fully appreciate, and I understand that it can be difficult to fully assess the scale or technical brilliance of some items via the internet, even with professional images some pieces just do not show as well as they can in the flesh. It can also be daunting with certain price points if you are beginning to collect or indeed if you are new to us, or are based overseas and maybe concerned about logistics.

Rest assured that we have been selling high quality big ticket Japanese works of art and relocating them safely around the globe for many years, in most instances I personally pack and ship the smaller items myself, failing that our experienced shippers and handlers always consider the worst possible scenario and conditions when shipping to our clients, each piece is fully insured until it reaches your door. You have the reassurance that the item described to you online will be exactly the item that arrives, fully supported by 40 years’ experience, and backed up with our Lapada accreditation.

If you would like to discuss any item please do not hesitate to get in touch for a discreet informal chat at

With Asian art London running through until November 7th I wish my friends and colleagues in London a successful week ahead and look forward to further visits in the coming days.

Finally and on a more sombre note I would like to dedicate this newsletter to my friend Ronald (aka the boss), an enthusiastic collector of Japanese works of art who suddenly passed away last month, a great companion with a wicked sense of humour and an eye for the finest things in life, he will be sorely missed by many, rest in peace dear friend.

Best wishes and please stay safe.