November Newsletter

Dear Friends

Welcome to our November newsletter

Following a hectic September with all the extra workload of the Chelsea fair leading us into October it was great to get a few days away in the west country with Teddy and Carolyn, my lovely wife. I’m not sure Teddy was too impressed with stand painting day. Whilst away we got to do plenty of walking, had a few nice days out and most importantly some quiet thinking time. I find It can give you quite a different perspective when looking back into everyday hectic life from afar, even if afar was only 100 miles or so down the coast on this occasion.

The week leading up to our journey was slightly tainted by the possibility of no fuel being available, thankfully it resolved itself, although I couldn’t believe that I was queuing for 30 mins at a local supermarket at 10pm the night before our journey, whilst undoubtedly hundreds of cars sat dormant on driveways and in garages now full to the brim. The power of the media and the scaremongering tactics they deploy never ceases to amaze me, what’s next no turkeys for Xmas?

Be assured there is no requirement for panic buying at Steve Sly Japanese Works of Art, usually the best purchases from my perspective are the considered ones where quality and condition are at the forefront of any decision, with other factors taken into account such as the significance of the artist and the provenance of the piece.

The same rules should be applied to the valuable acquisitions added to your collections, although naturally much of that is now taken care of on your behalf, when shopping with us you will know that if I have invested in an item you are in safe hands, and it will be exactly as described.

November Newsletter Steve Sly Japanese Art sold vase
Despite the short break it was once again a busy month with multiple international and UK sales , at long last I found a new home in Europe for the monumental Arita Jardiniere that I had purchased quite some time ago as part of the Philadelphia gentleman’s collection, I am extremely grateful for the huge space it now vacates, many houses just could not accommodate its sheer scale.

One of our USA collectors eventually took delivery of the super quality pair of mixed metal vases by Masayuki to sit alongside his other recent purchases. Meanwhile collectors in the UK acquired the humorous mixed metal charger of the giant looking over Mt fuji, as well as the more academic study of a potter at work that originally formed part of the Herbert Ponting collection. I also found a new home for the delightful Chin Dog Okimono by Kaniya Kuniharu that had featured at Plate 8 of my latest exhibition catalogue 2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler Vol II.

Standing still and resting on my laurels is certainly not an option, November brings a very busy Asian art period with multiple London gallery exhibitions and auctions as well as opportunities to acquire some fresh pieces from historic collections.

I look forward to viewing and handling some fine Japanese works of art in the coming week, I also have calls in the diary to view market fresh pieces that have been reserved for me across the country and indeed from as far afield as Europe and the US.

Whilst Chelsea and the aftermath were a great success I continue to seek new homes for some of the unsold pieces from that exhibition, please download a copy of the book here or order your limited edition copy at

November Newsletter Steve Sly Japanese Art,
I am already planning the next edition which will be destined for physical exhibition in the Autumn of 2022. Until that time I will be continuing to host many of the latest market fresh pieces on my website, the photographer is booked for the coming week and you will be the first to view those items so please continue to look in from time to time at new arrivals.
November Newsletter Steve Sly Japanese Art dragon
In celebration of this year’s Asian art period I invite you to study the images of this newly listed Dragon Okimono, artist signed by Kazumi, it comes complete with a rock crystal sphere upon its back as well as the Dragon clutching a pearl, again formed from rock crystal, this fine bronze Okimono should appeal to all genre of Asian art collectors.

Best wishes