A Charming Japanese Bronze Okimono Father Feeding Child

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large and most charming Meiji period (1868-1912)  mixed media okimono group of a father feeding his child, the artist has captured the moment when a toddler is being fed a wafer by his father with the aid of Chopsticks, the adult sits in a natural quite relaxed pose, he holds a bowl of food in one hand while gently reaching out with the other to encourage the toddler, the child leans across the table and reaches out for the offerings, a magical rendition of everyday life , the group sit upon their original sturdy hardwood base that has been carved in fabulous detail to replicate a rustic bench, the top grain and in particular the pegged joints are exquisite, the father sits aside the bench with his foot resting on the floor for balance, the table and child can be adjusted to suit the required pose, a wonderful Meiji period bronze group circa 1900 and artist signed by Takaaki.


previously supplied by ourselves.

Condition report:

The condition is good throughout !!

Approximate sizes:

Length:             23 3/4″   60.5 cm

Max Depth:     14 1/2″      37 cm

Max Height:    15 1/2″      39 cm


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