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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this finely carved and chunky wooden Okimono Rat group, the carver has captured in fine detail the young Rodent curled around the body of its parent , the pair clutching each other with their long tails entwined, a charming rendition that captures a playful scene, the creatures Eyes inlaid in Jet black and the group signed to the underside by a recorded Meiji Period artist, Gyokumin .

Notes:  Rats are a symbol of fertility and wealth in Japanese folklore, an emblem of good luck, the Rat or Nezumi, contrary to Western attitudes, has always been highly esteemed as a model of industry, as rats can be found only where food is abundant, they have become the symbol of wealth and are often depicted as the companion of the God of Luck, Daikoku, whose name literally translates into “Great Measure of Rice.”

Condition report:

Good condition throughout .

Approximate sizes:

Height: 3″     7.6 cm

Width: 2.8″   7.1 cm

Depth: 3.4″   8.6 cm

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