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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this exceptional quality hardwood brush pot , the pot is carved from a very heavy and dense wood that we believe to be boxwood, the quality of the carving is fabulous and depicts a group of Monkeys amidst a cluster of Peach trees , the Primates are in their element stripping the plentiful harvest from the branches of the trees , some of the fruit and leaves are highlighted in semi precious Shells , Abalone and stained Bone,  in what is commonly termed Shibayama style, whilst the majority of foliage is carved from the boxwood itself , the carving of each individual Monkey is as good as you could wish to find on an individual Netsuke or Okimono, the eyes are further inlaid in green shell or Horn with inset jet black pupils , the neck of the pot is carved and polished in a geometric pattern and the vessel is fitted to its heavy turned hardwood base, used to compensate for any amount of brush Height or weight , a magical piece of Meiji period art !!

The condition is exquisite with the exception of one 30mm age crack that does not show to the inside.

Approximate sizes:

Height:   6.75″   17 cm

Width:   3 7/8″  10 cm (at base)

Weight: a hefty 647 gm’s  20 oz

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