Delightful Japanese Bamboo Form Gold Lacquer Kazaridana Cabinet


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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this most charming miniature kodansu(chest of drawers) this little mixed metal work of art is predominately decorated in an alloy called shakudo which combines a mixture of bronze , copper and gold to give the wonderful deep black colour, each panel has then been inlaid in other mixed metals including gold and silver , the front hosts a set of graduated metal lined drawers with silver prunus handles and a prunus blossom tree inlaid across the whole , the reverse depicts a goose flying across a silver moonlit sky, one of the sides has a mixed metal pheasant in a prunus tree whilst the opposite side is simply decorated with a Japanese maple and is incised with the artists signature, the real delight is the top which is inlaid with a multitude of mixed metal butterflies flying around the silver and gold mounted carrying handle , the little cabinet rests upon four silver bracket feet and is factory stamped to the underside by Nogawa ,as well as being artist signed to the side panel , a very rare little jewel !!

The cabinet is very heavy solid construction for its size and is in fantastic original condition , there is some expected light cleaning wear to the top !

PROVENANCE: Previously supplied by ourselves.


Approximate sizes

Height  2.5″  6.5 cm (handle folded)

Width   2.25″ 5.8 cm

Length  3.25″ 8.2 cm

Weight is a hefty 450 gms (14.46oz)

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