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As part of our Japanese Works of art collection we are delighted to offer this outstanding quality humorous carved Ivory Meiji period 1868-1912 , Okimono by the recorded Tokyo school artist Koyosai Nobuchika, the artist has captured in great detail the scene of a father and son fishing, the father stood in the water carrying his son upon his back, somewhat in the manner of the humorous and well known fisherman Ashinaga and Tenaga, at the moment where a crab has risen to pinch the fisherman’s toe his facial expressions undoubtedly display his pain, meanwhile the young boy reaches down in an attempt to pull the crab away, from the swirling water beneath his feet rise a pair of toads clinging to his finely detailed robe, the couples attire is finely executed and polychromed in painstaking detail, the father wears a large woven sunhat with Shibayama stud detailing, remarkably the artist has even managed to carve actual moving earrings, the multi photos should help you work out this fascinating depiction of everyday Japanese life, captured with great humour, artist signed and sealed to the underside, a top drawer Okimono to enhance any serious collection.



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Condition report:

This intricate one piece Okimono is in fabulous condition with minor age related wear to the polychrome decoration.


Approximate Sizes : 

Height: 7.25″  18.5 cm

Width:  3.3 ”  8.5 cm

Depth:  2.8″   7.2 cm

Weight: 758  GMS


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