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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer the second of two Japanese Shibayama style onlaid wooden panels , this panel is once again onlaid in fine detail with the use of stained and lacquered bone , ivory and oriental timbers , this panel immediately draws your eye to a kingfisher perched upon a tree stump poised to fish , the quality of the decoration and lacquer detail is far superior to the mass produced panels of the period , the panel is signed in two seals , the first reads Kozan for the art name And the second reads Sakuri which is a Japanese surname , a wonderful work of art !!

The condition is lovely throughout ,there is a minor join line visible on the back boards, the panels were protected behind shabby glass frames for many years and have now been reframed by our workshops using 19th century Japanese timber .

Approximate sizes

Height 25″ 63.5 cm

Width 19.25″ 49 cm

Depth 1″ 2.5 cm

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