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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this highly decorative Japanese Imperial Satsuma ware figure of Jurojin , one of the seven Japanese Gods of good fortune Jurojin represents Longevity , he holds his long gilded beard in his left hand whilst clutching his gnarled staff in the other hand , a humorous and very tactile Okimono of this lovable character has been modelled in clay at the Satsuma kilns and then decorated in vivid enamels and gilding in a style generically known as Imperial Satsuma , the heavier applied enamels were a common theme in the earlier production techniques of the late 19th century , it was towards the latter part of the Meiji period that the finer painted export wares were perfected by artists such as Kinkozan , Ryozan and of course the highly coveted Yabu Meizan , the figure is signed in a fine black script to the underside accompanied by a circular mon , Jurojin has arrived on our doorstep direct from an Australian collection and is now available, perhaps as a meaningful gift for a loved one, or maybe the start of , or further addition to your Japanese collection.

The condition is lovely with no damages or restorations .

Approximate sizes ;

Height :   7.25″    18.5 cm

Width :    4.0″     10.3 cm

Depth :    4.0″      10.3 cm

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