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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this fine quality miniature table cabinet , the little cabinet is constructed from solid Ivory panels profusely inlaid with Shibayama style decoration , the lower drawer pulls out using the Mother of Pearl Butterfly as its handle while the top drawer uses a central Prunus blossom , above the drawers sit a pair of nicely decorated sliding doors with Birds amongst Prunus , each side of the cabinet is further decorated in great detail , on one side sits a Bird on a branch and to the other is a Manchurian crane and a Butterfly amidst flora , the top has a fantastic quality basket beside a floral display and beneath a Butterfly, all standing on four bracket feet with the rear sections panelled in solid Ivory , an absolute delight !!

Condition report:

In lovely condition with no cracks or damage to the Ivory and no losses amongst the hundreds of inlaid semi precious shell and stones .

Approximate sizes:

Height 4.8″ 12.5 cm

Width 4.2″ 10.5 cm

Depth 2.4″ 6.0 cm

Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included within the price of this item, buyers outside the EU are fully responsible for the cost of any export licences that may be required, see our other services.

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