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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this simply breath taking quality carved ivory Okimono by Morino Korin , pupil of the more famous Imperial carver Ishikawa Komei , the charming Ape sits cross legged, whilst playfully holding a Terrapin above his head with his left hand , he carefully places his right hand in preparation for safely clutching the creature, the artist has captured the scene in the most appealing manner possible , the detailing of the Apes hair and in particular his limbs is quite staggering , the facial expression paints the full picture, Korin studied under the Meiji periods leading carver Ishikawa Komei 1852-1913 , Komei was the carver to the Imperial household and went on to become Professor at the Tokyo school of art , it is difficult to imagine that carving can get any better than these two artists , we have been lucky enough to find a carved Ape group by each of these leading lights, and from the same collection, we have chosen the Ishikawa Komei piece as the highlight of our members area for May .

As with most larger one piece carvings using the heavier dense ivory cuts , this Okimono has suffered from minor age related, but stable, hairline cracks ,artist signed to the underside this is an extremely rare opportunity !!

Approximate sizes:

Height:   5.5″    14 cm

Width:   5 5/8″ 14.5 cm

Depth:   3.5″     9 cm

Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included within the price of this item, buyers outside the EU are fully responsible for the costs of any export licences that may be required .

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