Captivating Japanese Bronze and Mixed Metal Plaque by Yoshitoshi

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this most charming Meiji Period 1868-1912, bronze and mixed metal wall hung or cabinet plaque, the heavy fine quality circular plaque is decorated with a bird upon a tree in the manner that instantly shouts Suzuki Chokichi, the highly acclaimed Imperial artist and former director of the Kiritsu Kosho Kaisha, the first government sponsored company promoting Japanese metalwork’s in the mid Meiji period. However this exceptional quality metalwork has been produced by a Tokyo based artist recorded as Muramata Yoshitoshi, his name can also be read as Yoshihisa, the artist must have taken his inspiration from Chokichi’s works , if in fact he wasn’t working alongside him at some point, we may never know , what I do know and can state with conviction is that this artists metalworking skills were very fine indeed, the autumnal foliage is as good as you are likely to encounter on a panel of this type, an increasingly scarce addition to add to your Japanese metalwork collection or simply to enhance any room setting of your choice with a delightful Japanese aesthetic.

Literature :

The artist has fully signed the rear of this charming plaque “Muramata Yoshitoshi, lived by the Edogawa river,Tokyo.”  A highly skilled metalworker that even had the foresight to leave a calling card on his work, can you imagine potential customers asking after him in the late 19th century and being directed to his place of work down by the river, a most fascinating insight into the reality of life for these skilled artisans keen to make a living following the Meiji restoration.

He is also recorded in the Toso Kinko Jiten by Wakayama Takeshi as Yoshitoshi or Yoshihisa.

Condition Report : 

Outstanding condition .

Approximate sizes :

Diameter : 12″ 30.5 cm

Depth :      1″    2.5 cm

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