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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this highly attractive matched pair of Meiji period 1868-1912 , circa 1885 Cloisonné enamel vases , each of the vases are decorated with a brace of Pidgeon’s amidst native Flora , one vase enamelled in a vibrant Pink the other in a more traditional light blue , much of the work on each vase rendered in Silver wire , the vases are heavily counter enamelled as you would expect for vases of this earlier period  , loosely in the style of the earlier works by Namikawa Sosuke , each vase further decorated with Stylised borders and an unusual diamond patterned neck , it is possible that the original owner purchased these vases from the same outlet and chose different colours , which compliment each other nicely , or that they have been matched up in later life , one thing for certain in that they were manufactured by the same studio in the late 19th century, a very pleasing pair of Cloisonné enamel vases that would enhance your Japanese works of art collection.


Another item from the USA collection .

Condition Report :

Very good condition , minimal age related wear to rims .

Approximate sizes :

Height :          5 1/8″   13 cm

Diameter :     4.5″       11.5 cm

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