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As part of our Exclusive Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this exceptional quality circular lidded box , the box although unsigned was more than likely crafted by a highly skilled Tsuba maker and in the manner of the Soten school of artists , it was after the Meiji restoration in 1868  and with little demand for sword fittings , that these artisans had to quickly turn their skills to producing other types of wares for an emerging export market , the main body of this box is formed from a steel grey shibuichi metal, finely onlaid around the circumference with solid gold floral mons , the heavy lid has been formed almost Tsuba shaped and not quite fully round , it depicts a stunning mixed metal battle scene with warriors  amidst a mountainous backdrop , the inner lid reveals finely detailed Samurai warriors on horseback , crossing a thickly onlaid silver river, these subjects would be representations of famous historic battle scenes , this unknown sword fitting artist has manufactured a most tactile and useful box,  whilst retaining some of the more traditional Tsuba making decoration to the inner and outer lid,.

He clearly managed to adapt his skills from a centuries old sword fittings business to the new , and at this time relatively unknown export market that was to follow.

A truly magical piece of Japanese metalwork from the early Meiji period -circa 1880

Approximate sizes

Diameter:  2.5″  6.5 cm

Height:      1.25″  3.0 cm

Weight:    206 gms

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