Exceptional Japanese Satsuma Vase By Yabu Meizan

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this very fine example of a Meiji Period 1868-1912 Satsuma vase by the most coveted of all Satsuma artists, Yabu Meizan 1853-1934, the main body of the vase is extensively and finely decorated with a traditional Daimyo procession ( daimo gyoretsu), the various characters include men dressed as Tengu and Shi Shi, both mythical creatures revered and thought of as protectors of the Shinto religion, multiple groups of priests are finely enameled in white costumes and carrying portable shrines, packages and Saka trees adorned with cut papers (gohei), the extensive procession guarded by heavily armored samurai upon horseback and on foot. Yabu has gone to painstaking detail with the use of sixteen fine enamel floral lappets as the foot decoration to this particular vase, unusually the lappets moulded in relief prior to decoration , the shoulders of the vase depict a fine quality mountainous landscape scene that includes pine trees, buildings and a tori gate, upon which a pair of relief moulded side handles have been formed , the neck band continues with the finest quality millefiori decoration below Yabu’s traditional black and gilt decorated rim, the underside carries a signature seal most unusually finished in gilt above a blue background.


Daimyo gyoretsu processions were almost daily occurrences as the daimyo moved from their home lands to the then capital Edo, modern day Tokyo, it was primarily a second residence where they were to reside for lengthy periods whilst paying their respects to the powerful shogunate, essentially held as hostages and financially suppressed the daimyo whilst leading their own military forces on behalf of the shogunate, and in limited numbers dependent on the size of their kingdoms, were prevented from becoming too powerful in their own right. This regular occurrence was known as the sankin kotai , essentially meaning second residence.

Provenance :  

UK private collection.

Condition report :

Immaculate condition throughout.

Approximate Sizes : 

Height :    5 7/8″  15 cm

Daimeter : 3 1/4″ 8.5 cm

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