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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this exceptional quality Meiji period 1868-1912 miniature chrysanthemum koro firmly attributed to Setsuho Hidetomo, the delightful lidded koro or incense burner stands upon three feet simply resembling the cut stalks of flowers, the artist has painstakingly carved a bunch of silver and mixed metal chrysanthemum from a solid silver casting, the further use of mixed gold alloys has bought the floral display to life in exacting detail, the flower heads and stamen are incredibly well chiseled and with unimaginable symmetry, the koro is further decorated with sprigs of chrysanthemums as handles and topped of with a pierced and lined lid housing a mixed metal silver and shakudo cockerel finial, the inner reveals a pull out silver gilt liner. Although unsigned there is little doubt that this masterpiece of metalwork chiseling was carried out by Hidetomo , an absolute jewel that would present favorably in any Japanese works of art collection or exhibition .

Provenance :

UK Collection .

Featured in 2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler – plate 1

Literature :

For Similar examples of this type of koro see The Khalili collections, metalwork volume 1  plate 11 , it is thought that the artist Hidetomo may have been responsible for the chrysanthemum chiseling on the lids of Koro’s of more famous artists works , notably Sato Kazuhide and possibly even Shoami Katsuyoshi, it would not be uncommon for an artist to be so specialized and at the top of his game in one particular area that he was commissioned by master craftsman to supply his talents to their particular masterpiece, often without any recognition .

Condition report :  

Stunning condition throughout.

Approximate sizes :

Height :  2.1/2″   6.5 cm

Width :   2.1/4″ 5.5 cm

Depth :   1.3/4″  4.5 cm

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