Exceptional Pair Of Japanese Silver Vases -Yoshida Shinzo (Shiei)

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this stunning pair of Meiji period 1868-1912 solid silver and mixed metal vases by the highly regarded artist and Imperial household purveyor Yoshida Shinzo ( 1834-1904)  , his art name Shiei , the unusually flattened oval shaped vases are formed from silver and depict onlaid Manchurian Cranes in flight and at rest beside a lakeside setting, the carved water detail is exquisite with the use of cast silver to build up the waves, the necks decorated as stylized clouds with the birds themselves formed from a multitude of alloys, unusually including copper, the neck and foot rims finished with shakudo and gold , a breathtaking pair of vases from an important mid Meiji period artist that would sit proudly in any of the worlds finest metalwork or Japanese works of art collections .


2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler – plate 10

Literature : 

Signed: 大阪住、至永、吉田新造製之

“Osaka jū, Shiei, Yoshida Shinzō sei kore”

[Made by Yoshida Shinzō, art name Shiei, a resident of Osaka]

Artist: Yoshida Shinzō (1834-1904)

The artist was born on the 25th February, Tempo 5th year, 1834, with his given name Eijiro. He studied metal crafting under Sato Toho and Hashimoto Isshi  In Bunkyu 2 (1862) and worked for the Imperial family as a Kinri-goyonin (an Imperial Household purveyor). His other known names are Shinzo, Chikushusho, Ryusui, Ippo.

He exhibited three items at the 5th Naikoku Kangyo Hakurankai exhibition (Meiji 36, 1903, Osaka).

As Yoshida Shiei he exhibited three items at the 1900 Paris Expo and two further items at the award winning section of the same 1900 Paris Expo as Yoshida Shinzo.

He previously exhibited two items at the 1878 Paris Expo, one of which was in the award winning section. Furthermore he exhibited 4 items at the 1893 Chicago Expo, one of which was in the award winning section. These exhibited items were sweets containers and smoking utensils.

In Meiji 11 (1878), he was employed by the Osaka Mint Bureau (Osaka Zoheikuoku), a governmental agency responsible for supplying coins and medals, and was employed there designing coins. He died on the 22nd of November, Meiji 37 (1904), aged 71.

Condition report :

Stunning condition throughout .

Approximate Sizes :

Height : 10″ 25.5 cm

Width :  6″   15 cm

Depth :  3″   7.5 cm

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