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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this outstanding and rare late Edo period Japanese Tanto ( dagger) circa 1860 ,  the earlier Edo period blade has been opulently re mounted towards the late Edo or early Meiji period, the mounts signed by the highly regarded sword fitting master Ishiguro Masaaki , the solid silver and mixed metal mountings are of the most sumptuous quality imaginable, the finely chiselled Hawks envelope themselves around the base of the super quality black lacquer scabbard , itself further decorated with Gold lacquer floral detail throughout , the other mixed metal Birds include Peacock and doves and are carved and inlaid with exquisite detail , the Kozuka handle is formed as an Owl and is signed to the rear , the silver Koshira also fully artist signed , it is increasingly scarce to find Tanto of this quality on todays market, the best ones tend to reside permanently in high quality collections and museums around the world , we are delighted to be able to offer this high quality Tanto hot on the heels of our other unearthed gem in the Summer of 2017 : A WORLD CLASS EXHIBITION QUALITY JAPANESE O-TANTO WAKIZASHI , and we sincerely hope you enjoy sharing the experience with us.

Notes: Ishiguro Masaaki  was a highly regarded sword fitting maker of the late Edo period and an integral part of the Ihsiguro school of sword fitting makers .

Provenance: European collection.

Condition: The condition is excellent throughout .

Approximate sizes:

Length:    19″    48 cm

Depth:   2.25″   5.5 cm

Width:   2.25″    5.5 cm

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