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As part of our Japanese works of art we are delighted to offer this quite superb quality ivory vase, decorated throughout with Shibayama and Gold lacquer, side one depicts a boat shaped flower cart with a Phoenix head amidst sprays of Chrysanthemum, Wisteria and other flowering branches , the reverse depicts a bird of prey perched upon an ornamental bar and beside an ikebana basket of flowers , beneath the  bird lays a miniature Inro with a white Rabbit netsuke attached , the lower body of the vase is further decorated with gold lacquer borders consisting of Chrysanthemum and Paulownia mons, meanwhile the neck has been decorated with a band of auspicious beasts and thunder clouds and further decorated with Shibayama Chrysanthemum mons amidst floral sprays , the handles are carved mother of pearl shell and represent mythical Dragons.

This stunning little vase has been signed to the underside by a highly regarded shibayama artist known as Yasutsugu , he is  listed on page 50 of the index of Inro artists by E.A.Wrangham and was more commonly associated with decorating Inro and Tsuba , a very rare masterpiece by a leading Meiji period artist and in simply breathtaking condition !!

Approximate sizes:

Height: 5.75″   14.5 cm

Width:  4.74″   12 cm

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