Exquisite Japanese Silver & Mixed Metal Koro- Ozaki Sadamasa

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this most charming Meiji period 1868-1912, carved silver and mixed metal incense burner ( koro) , the silver lined vessel stands upon tall slender legs inlaid with delicate gold flowers, the main body is carved with stylized rising clouds of deep shakudo patination perfectly contrasting the carved silver body, the focal point depicts birds amidst trees and flora, unusually a pair of Owls rest upon a branch, with more commonly seen Manchurian cranes, little egrets and wading birds surrounding the entire circumference. The decoration all formed from mixed alloys including gold, silver, shibuichi, copper and shakudo, each painstakingly laid onto the body. The neck of the vessel is further inlaid with geometric Greek key pattern to match the delicate mixed metal inlaid handles, the lid further carved with stylized clouds beneath a chrysanthemum finial, the artist Ozaki Sadamasa has signed the Koro in a gold signature seal to the underside.

Provenance :  

UK based Japanese works of art collection .

2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler Vol II – plate 21

Condition report :

Lovely condition throughout

Approximate Sizes :

Height : 7 1/4″  18.5 cm

Diameter : 4 1/4″ 11 cm

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