Exquisite Quality Japanese Komai Iron Box – Okuno Company Kyoto.

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this exquisite Meiji Period (1868-1912), iron box and cover of lobed rounded form manufactured in Kyoto by the Okuno company, a contemporary of the well know Komai company. This jewel of a box is decorated to the lid with images of temples of Kyoto worked in typical nunome-zogan within a floral vignette bordered with silver wire, the lobed shaped edges are worked in an assortment of complex diaper patterns, lifting the lid reveals a sumptuous gilt lined interior, and if that was not enough painstaking workmanship to satisfy most collectors, the underside of this particular box reveals a sensational silver wired floral brocade surrounding the gold signature seal, the seal that of Okuno company Kyoto. A fantastic addition to your Japanese metalwork collection or an ideal gift for a loved one.

Literature :  

See :  The Nasser D Khalili collections Metalwork Volume I , Plate 31 , for a further example of work by the Okuno Company, according to the editorial it is thought that a family member, possibly the sister of Komai Otojiro may have opened this company as a direct competitor of the more widely recognised Komai Company. When studying the workmanship and artistry against many comparisons of Komai’s finest work you can see how this scenario would seem very plausible, in fact removing the signature from this box would lead the vast majority of Japanese metalwork collectors to conclude this work as that of the Komai Company, perhaps it was, and just under a different family brand, we may never know for sure.

Condition report:

Lovely Condition.

Approximate Sizes :

Diameter : 3″ 7.6 cm

Height :  1 1/8″ 3 cm

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