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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this significantly larger than usual carved ivory Okimono of what is generically known as a Clams dream ,( a shell craved inside with a village or other everyday scene ), well on this occasion we have a large clam shell superbly carved throughout and detailing a group of lucky Gods dining, although this shell is being supported by a myriad of enthusiastic characters carved in the most superb fashion imaginable, I have counted at least 26 various characters clambering upon each other, upon baskets, a stool and other objects , with the sole purpose of supporting the oversized shell above them , the central column houses hanging Fish and Crabs, Baskets and other Sea Shells , the story is intriguing , the carving is excellent , and as if that was not enough , you turn the Okimono upside down to reveal a carved lakeside scene surrounding the artists signature , only the Japanese craftsman of the Meiji period would consider finishing the unseen elements with such detail , the group stand on an ebonised hardwood oval base and are carved by Munemasa.

The condition is exceptional !!

Approximate sizes :

Total height :      7.75″   19.5 cm

Height of Ivory:  5.5″    14 cm

Width:                  5.25″  13.5 cm

Depth:                  4.75″  12.3 cm

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