Fascinating Japanese Mixed Metal Vase by Nogawa Company

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this most unusual Meiji Period 1868-1912, mixed metal vase by one of my particular favourite companies, Nogawa Nobaru of Kyoto, on this occasion they have produced a vase that has been cleverly divided down the centre leaving one side manufactured from shakudo and the reverse manufactured from shibuichi, a kind of night and day effect. The one consistent is the stunning mixed metal inlays to each side, a skill that Nogawa have perfected, the shakudo side is predominately decorated with a large mixed metal moth to the main body beneath a cherry blossom sprig to the neck, the reverse once again dominated by a large moth beneath a leafy chrysanthemum sprig, the foot rim decorated with a geometric silver inlaid band and the underside signed with the company seal. A most charming and increasingly scarce example of mixed metal works from the house of Nogawa.

Condition report : 

Fine condition throughout with minimal age related wear.

Approximate Sizes : 

Height : 6 3/4″  17 cm

Width :  3 1/2″    9 cm

Depth :   3″          7.5 cm

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