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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this humorous and highly decorative pair of Shibayama style hardwood panels , this opposing pair obviously started life together and form a complete picture when closely hung, they depict a drummer and three acrobatic dancers performing a Noh mask type of dance , the dancers appearing to wave the Lion masks above their head , either side of the group stand tall ivory Bamboo plants in lacquered wooden barrels above which hangs a line of decorative Gold lacquer and abalone shell flags and streamers  , the characters are each formed from a mixture of ivory and semi precious shells , their costumes superbly decorated with various Gold lacquer techniques , the hardwood panels are in their original frames , one of which carries an old retailers label to the rear, the Shibayama style inlays all appear intact and in good condition, the lacquer is very good and the hardwood itself is in great shape , a very good pair of highly decorative wall panels from the great Meiji period .

Approximate sizes

Height:    27″     69 cm

Width:    20.5″  52 cm

Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included within the price of this item, buyers outside the EU are responsible for the cost of any licences that may be required , see our other services.

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