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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this fine quality and most unusual ivory okimono , the subject is of a young Bijin wearing traditional costume and carrying a finely executed parasol over her right shoulder , she has a box hung around her neck from which appears a snake climbing a rope, and about to be confronted by a Samurai drawing his sword, the Hiranga script on the front of the box reads “Kairai-shi” which is Japanese for Puppeteer , it therefore appears that the young lady is having great fun with a puppet box and probably outside at a street party, hence the requirement for the parasol , her kimono is finely decorated and her hair is tied in immaculate fashion, she is a very finely executed one piece carving with the obvious addition of the parasol and puppets , signed to the base by an artist named Shinryu .

The condition is lovely !!

Approximate sizes

Height:   7 7/8″  20 cm

Width:      4″       10 cm

Depth:     3.5″     9 cm

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