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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this wonderful quality one piece ivory Okimono by a listed Tokyo artist, the exquisite carving depicts the Kannon Bhodisattva (Goddess of Mercy ) rising from the waves , the artist has captured this well known subject in breath-taking detail ,she stands hands clasped and carries a basket of flowers upon which rests a small bird , there are too many interpretations of Kannon to even begin discussing in this short description , I will therefore leave the images to interpret the story for you, the artists art name was Gyokuren and full name 玉蓮(IIDA KISABURO飯田喜三郎) he is listed as a member of the Tokyo Carvers’ Association active between Meiji 37 and 39 – this information is reproduced in the book on Japanese Ivory Carving published by the Shoto Museum (Tokyo).

This one piece Japanese ivory Okimono is nicely signed to the underside in a black oval seal accompanied by further script or collection details above, it was carved around 1905 according to the known records of the artist, despite the intricate carving I can only describe it as immaculate !!

Approximate sizes:

Height:  7.75″   19.7 cm

Width:   3″         8 cm

Depth:   2.75″    7 cm

Free worldwide delivery included in the price of this item, buyers outside the EU are responsible for the costs of any licences that may be required .

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