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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this charming mixed metal onlaid bronze vase signed by the highly regarded Miyabe Atsuyoshi , this fine globular vase is decorated to the main body with a tranquil scene to the front depicting Mandarin ducks in a lakeside setting , the reverse appears to show a larger bird plucking a fish from the lake , the decoration is cleverly picked out and onlaid in gold , silver , shibuichi and shakudo amidst the incised chiselled scenes,the main body is surmounted by two futher borders , the first being incised with a continuous band of styalised ho-ho bird decoration while the top border of the vase is exquisitely onlaid and futher decorated with birds, insects and butterflies , an absolute delight from a top Meiji period artist !!

The condition is nice and original with a mellow polished bronze patiantion.

Approximate sizes

Height 5 1/8″ 13 cm

Width 4″ 10 cm

Weight 596 gms

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