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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this late Edo 1615-1868 early Meiji period 1868-1912 , circa 1860 , stained Boxwood Netsuke , the unusual subject depicts a seated Fox dressed in a Priests or Monks Robe , the Fox with his mouth wide open as if chanting a Sutra (religious teaching) , the artist has carved the Fox’s Head and in particular his Fur in superb detail , his eyes inset with two colour Horn, the Himotoshi formed at the rear of the animals cloak , a fascinating and unusual study for the Japanese Netsuke collectors amongst you , and in our opinion a fine addition to your Netsuke or  Japanese Works of art collection .

Literature :

We have traced a virtually identical similarly unsigned Netsuke to the Eskenazi Catalogue sale in 1999 , with a sale price of £2,080.

Condition Report :

Fine original untouched condition with age related wear to the staining  .

Approximate Sizes :

Height :  2 3/8″   6 cm

Width :   2.0″       5 cm

Depth :   1.5″       3.8 cm


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