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As part of our Japanese collection we are delighted to offer this fine quality Satsuma bowl in its original tomobako , the well detailed interior depicts the Budhistic goddess Kannon sat in a mountainous backdrop before a waterfall flowing into a river , to the other side of the water a pair of Oni cower before her , the characters are decorated in the finest quality gilded and bejewelled costumes , the exterior rim of the bowl is decorated with the most exquisite and detailed bands of geometric borders with fine gilded bead and swag work, the exterior further decorated with conforming geometric borders to the base, although unsigned the high quality of this piece inspired us to send images to a leading expert in the field of Satsuma , Louis Lawrence’s response is copied and pasted below , a wonderful piece of individually decorated Satsuma ware from the Kinkozan studio .

The condition is great with minor age related wear .

Approximate sizes

Diameter 7″ 17.5 cm

Height 3″ 7.5 cm

“I am 98% certain this was made by Kinkozan. I have seen this palette before and also the pattern of the exterior border. I have been searching my records for something to prove it but I have, as yet, come up with a blank. However the vase on page 160 in my first book on Satsuma is very much in the same mould when it comes to treatment of the subject matter and palette. The borders are a little more complex but I have very little doubt that your bowl is from the Kinkozan factory and possibly by the same hand as made the large vase in the book. There are very distinct similarities when it comes to parts of the border. If you don’t have a copy of the book I will scan and send you the image. Please let me know”

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