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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this interesting ivory okimono of a travelling salesman, probably on his way to market to peddle his wares, the trader carries a vast array of goods on his body , mostly slung over a bamboo carrying pole , many of the goods are further decorated in Shibayama inlays with the use of semi precious stones and shells , on the rear of his pole he carries the usual mix of woven baskets, drums and even a Noh mask, to the front of the carrying pole amongst the more common goods hangs a very nice Kubota (Samurai helmet) inlaid with multi coloured stones , and in his hand he carries a further rope full of containers and drums amongst which hangs a most unusual and humerous model of a Cat or Dog , the salesman’s face is captivating and carved in fine detail as are his hands and feet , this is usually the sign of a good carver , the underside is signed in a red lacquer tablet inset inside a fan decorated base , a great addition to your Meiji period  Okimono collection.

The condition is great with only minor age related hairlines cracks to the base .


Approximate sizes

Height :  7 3/8″ 18.5 cm

Width :  4 3/4″  12 cm

Depth :  2 3/4″  7 cm

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