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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this super quality and rare subject Meiji period 1868-1912, one piece Ivory Okimono , circa 1900 , the unknown artist has captured a fabulous rendition of a wild Boar in a striding motion , a most unusual subject in Ivory carving , the detail is Exquisite, finely rendered fur, life like facial features with huge protruding Teeth , elongated snout and pointed Ears, and a charming inquisitive look as he goes about his foraging , although unsigned the excellent quality of this Okimono is clear to see, likely captured using carving skills copied from such eminent Tokyo school carvers as Ishikawa Komei and Morino Korin , a rare and unusual addition to your Japanese works of art or Okimono collection .

Provenance :

Private UK collection

Condition report:

Lovely original condition with minor age related hairlines.

Approximate sizes :

Length:    7″           17.5 cm

Height :   3 1/8″    8 cm

Depth :     2 1/8″    5.5 cm


Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included in the price of this item, buyer outside the EU are responsible for the costs of any licences that may be required .


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