High Quality Japanese Mixed Metal lidded Jar By The Nogawa Company

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this super quality and unusual shaped Meiji Period 1868-1912 mixed metal jar and cover manufactured by one of our favorite company’s Nogawa , the jar itself is finely inlaid in multiple alloys including gold, silver ,s hakudo and shibuichi upon a sentoku bronze ground, the subject matter is typical of Nogawa’s style of works, with high quality butterflies and other insects amidst native flora, the unusual aspect of this particular piece is the neck formed as lappets decorated with archaistic bands in a geometric fashion, and to a high degree of intricacy, the stylistic handles are silver inlaid with geometric bands , as is the highly decorative domed lid , signed to the underside with the Nogawa factory seal,  this is a little jewel of an object in exceptional condition !!

Provenance :

Part of a UK based Japanese works of art collection previously supplied by ourselves.

Condition report :

Condition is lovely throughout.

Approximate sizes:

Height :  5 1/8″  13cm

Width:    3 1/2″   9 cm

Depth:    3.0″      7.7 cm

Weight:   505 gms

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