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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this late Edo 1615-1868 , early Meiji period 1868-1912 , circa 1860 mixed metal Netsuke/Toggle , the large circular Silver Toggle houses a Nanako decorated Shakudo ground disc, the skilled artist has formed an Onlaid Gold Bamboo branch as the means to suspend a Gilt decorated Bucket above swirling waves, formed from Solid Silver , rather cleverly the Well Bucket rises and falls upon its suspension rope ,the large Toggle probably intended as a Netsuke clasp for a Tobacco pouch or Inro Set , a great addition to your Netsuke or Japanese works of art collection .

As part of this collection we acquired a further Netsuke / Toggle of rounded square section , this piece is formed from solid Shibuichi and houses a Gold Cricket amid Grasses and beneath a Silver half Moon , the item carries a gorgeous Gold seal to the rear as well as a Silver cartouche , the piece is slightly distressed on the interior and extremities , and as such is a free Gift included in the price of the circular Netsuke .

So buy one and get one free !!!

Condition Report :

In original worn and used condition .

Approximate Sizes :

Diameter : 1 5/8″  4.3 cm

Depth :       0.5″     2.0 cm

Rounded Square Toggle :

1.25″  3 cm Square .


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