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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to bring you this exceptional quality Japanese Satsuma vase from the Kinkozan studios of Kyoto , the vase is of the most exquisite quality imaginable for its size , the two heart shaped panels are painted with painstaking detail throughout , one side depicts a gathering of Samurai warriors and Geisha in a more formal ceremonial type of setting , the high relief painting to the Samurai armour in particular is very impressive , the reverse is painted in a more tranquil manner with Bijin and children at ease in a lakeside setting, once again the artist has used a high relief painting technique to decorate the Kimono’s in exquisite detail , the heart shaped gilded borders to each panel have been further decorated in relief , the sides of the vase between each panel have been decorated in a fine gilded honeycomb diaper pattern which remain about as fresh as the day it was painted, much of  the remainder of the cobalt blue ground body is finished in gold and silver Wisteria gilding that can only be described as sensational !!! , we would sometimes come across this level of quality on a small 4″-6″ cabinet piece by Kinkozan , to have gone to the extraordinary amount of time and labour costs to produce a vase of this size to that quality, leads us to conclude that it was made for one of the many worldwide exhibitions of the late Meiji Period , or at the very least for presentation to a very important dignitary ? the gilt rim and base of the vase are decorated with formal geometric gilded borders , the underside of the vase is impressed with the Kinkozan factory seal ,and further signed in a square cartouche that translates to read :Nihon, Kyoto, Awata, Kinkozan zo [Made by Kinkozan, Awata, Kyoto, Japan]

Note:Awata is a district situated north east of Kyoto, where the Kyoto Kinkozan studio was located. Kinkozan Sobei III – VII were notable potters and their studio employed fine pottery craftsmen and painters. Kinkozan Sobei VI (1824-84) and Kinkozan Sobei VII  (1868-1927) began exporting Kyoto produced Satsuma potteries to the overseas market and exhibited abroad.

The condition is simply superb with minimal signs of cleaning wear , no damages or restorations !

Provenance: US Collection .

Approximate sizes:

Height:        31″    78.5 cm

Diameter :  14″    35.5 cm

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