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As part of our Japanese Works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large and imposing ,yet quite charming Gilt Bronze Okimono of Hotei the Japanese God of good fortune , made by the highly regarded Miyao Eisuke company of Yokohama during the latter part of the Meiji period , circa 1900 , the humorous character stands upon a traditional Miyao hardwood and Gold lacquer stand decorated with Dragons amidst bands of Flora, the large Bronze is chiselled to a very high quality and depicts Hotei struggling to lift his large tied sack of treasure above his head , his clothing decorated with multiple Gilt decorated Mons and Floral roundels as well as a high quality coiled Dragon to his chest, his comical smiling face and big floppy ears look up towards the large receptacle above his head, the lined container suitable for a multiple of uses, flowers, sweets, fruits is detailed to represent a tied sack and is decorated in stunning detail with Gilt highlighted Shi – Shi dogs pulling upon lengths of ribbon tied in a bow to a central roundel, the underside of the vessel fully signed in a nine character signature seal , translated as Dai Nippon Koujyoube Miyao , the company produced Okimonos in various sizes and of varying quality, this large Gilded bronze Okimono on stand is chiselled and Gilded to the highest possible quality, it would make a fascinating yet useful addition to any serious Japanese collection.


The Miyao Eisuke company of Yokohama were one of the more prolific workshops of the Meiji period, producing high quality Bronzes with a rich brown patination and the details picked out in Gilt, Warriors, Peasants at work, Dragons and Lucky gods were subjects which presumably appealed to their western clientele, the company are recorded as exhibitors in the second national industrial exposition of 1881.


U.K collection

Condition report:

The condition of the Bronze and Gilt figure is exceptional, the sturdy base shows signs of old wear and minor professional repairs.

Approximate Sizes : 

Total Height:            27.1/4 ”   69 cm

Height of Bronze:    23″          58.2  cm

Depth:                        9.3/4″    25  cm

Width:                       13.5″       34 cm

Weight: 17.2 kgs

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