Huge Japanese Silver and Mixed Metal Bowl by Miyamoto Shoko

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large and stylish Meiji Period 1868-1912, circa 1900 solid silver and mixed metal bowl by the renowned Miyamoto company, this significant scale vessel weighs over 172 ounces and is decorated with stylised Ho-o (Phoenix) and palownia worked in shibuichi and gold alloys, the handles are riveted to the body exposing fine quality decorative studs, the bowl contains a removable wire basket for flower display as was the intended use when manufactured and perfect as an opulent table or consul centerpiece, other functional uses could be as a large opulent wine or champagne cooler filled with ice, whatever the use this magnificent vessel would grace any space as a significant focal point , signed Miyamoto Kinsei and carrying the Jungin pure silver mark.

Literature : 

The Miyamoto company was founded in 1880 originally as a promoter of cigarettes, tobacco and supplier of cigarette cases, in 1899 it moved to Tokyo where it still trades to this day, with the emergence of wealthy tourists and high ranking diplomats came the renewed appetite for gold and silver items, Miyamoto began designing and supplying vast quantities of silverware and very soon became renowned as high quality commissioning agents who’s patrons included the Imperial household and other government agency’s, the company are still favoured by the Imperial household even today.

Condition report: 

Fabulous condition throughout.

Approximate sizes : 

Height :  11 1/428.4 cm

Width :   22 3/4″ 58 cm

Weight : In excess of 172 troy ounces (excluding mesh insert)

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