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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this magnificent imposing Meiji Period 1868-1912 silvered bronze Okimono of a Goss Hawk, the majestic bird of prey is stood upon a fabulous carved wood base intended to imitate the cliff face where these birds would nest and seek their quarry, this large silvered bronze bird has been crafted by the highly regarded artist Akasofu Gyoko , the bird itself has silvered bronze feather detailing throughout , gilded legs with Shakudo Talons that are needle sharp , a Shakudo beak and menacing Gilt and Shakudo eyes, he stands on the hardwood rock face with the aid of his original locating pins, and is signed to the underside in a gilt seal that reads Akasofu Gyoko , a majestic stunning quality Okimono that would enhance any serious collection !!

Literature :

The first of two birds being listed by this artist :Akasofu Gyoko (dates unknown) lived in Tokyo, his factory producing cast metalwork for export. His given name was Sotojiro and he is recorded as a member of the Tokyo Chukinkai (Tokyo Cast Metalworkers’ Association) in the second half of the Meiji period.


We were fortunate enough to be invited to purchase a retired gentleman’s entire Japanese collection in 2014, amongst many fine pieces of Metalwork were his pride and joy , this and another similar Hawk on stand by the same artist , we purchased both birds and soon after we sold them to a regular client in Taiwan, this was during the period when the Chinese market was apparently on fire , in 2017 the dealer in question informed us that his market had now significantly cooled off and that he wished to offer to sell us the birds,it was not a difficult decision to want these items back, he actually flew to London with both birds in the hold and we were thrilled to have been reacquainted with them , the transaction left both parties satisfied,  and further demonstrated our belief that great quality Japanese works of art will always be a sound investment and find a place somewhere in the world market .

Update :

Following on from this transaction we almost immediately sold both Birds to a very serious overseas collector who’s Japanese art collection we are helping to build , with his collection outstripping the allocated space he has reluctantly parted with three of his Birds on stands , guess what ? it was not a difficult decision to want these items back once again !!!

Will the next home for these majestic birds be yours !!!

Condition report :

The condition is quite superb !

Approximate sizes:

Total Height :      26.25″  67.5 cm

Length of bird:    17″        43.5 cm (tail feathers to beak )


Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included in the price of this item .

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