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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this magical and most humorous ivory Okimono group , the artist has captured the moment that two boys attempt to trip a man , presumably their father  ? with the use of a rope and a stick , as one of the boys lifts the rope the fathers sandal falls to the floor, as a consequence of his obvious instability the other boy has caught him around the head with a long stick , this has caused the man to squint and let out a huge gasp of air !! the carver has very cleverly detailed a full set of the mans teeth as part of his expression of horror, meanwhile the two boys take obvious pleasure from this prank , the detail of the overall group is fabulous, the underside is finished as well as the top as only the Japanese craftsman of the Meiji period could achieve, it bears a lovely signature that reads Gyokusui with a red seal reading Saku .

The condition is stunning !!

Approximate sizes:

Height:  4″        10.3 cm

Width:   3.5″      9 cm

Depth:   3 1/8″   8 cm

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