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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this nicely carved Meiji period ( 1868 – 1912 ) circa 1880,  boxwood Netsuke of Kanzan & Jittoku, they are modelled together, Jittoku holding a kitchen broom beside Kanzan who is knelt holding a scroll ( probably of his poetry ), the Himotoshi formed to the rear of the Netsuke , signature to the underside translating to read “Tomokazu”, a great addition to your Netsuke or Japanese works of art collection.


Kanzan was an eccentric Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty (618-906) who befriended Jittoku, a kitchen helper at a mountain temple, they both lived on leftover food from the temple’s kitchen, Kanzan is usually depicted holding a scroll, perhaps of his poetry or of Taoist wisdom, Jittoku holds a kitchen broom ,both have slightly unkempt appearances, long hair and carefree laughing expressions.

Condition :

Lovely clean condition and great colour .

Approximate size:

Height:  1.5″  4 cm

Width:   1.4″  3.6 cm

Depth:  0.7″  1.9 cm


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