Japanese Bronze & Mixed Metal Planter by Kanazawa Doki Kaisha

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this staggering quality Meiji period 1868-1912 bronze and mixed metal planter on its original pierced hardwood stand, the bronze planter is what is generically termed Kanazawa or Kaga school as it came out of the Kanazawa Doki (bronze) company in the earlier part of the Meiji period circa 1880, the heavy gauge rectangular vessel is designed as a planter or Bonsai dish and is decorated with mirror image flush inlays of flora, the floral panels inlaid with gold, shakudo , shibuichi , silver and copper alloys to the highest possible standard imaginable, the four  more tranquil panels housed within  a further inlaid outer border of mythical beast, the planter is fully signed to the underside to read ” Dai Nihon teikoku, Ishikawa Ken ka , Kaga Koku , Kanazawa Doki Kaisha Sei ” which translates to suggest it was made by the Kanazawa bronze company , Kaga , Ishikawa Perfecture, Great Imperial Japan , this incredibly heavy vessel rests upon its elaborate pierced hardwood stand , a scarce high quality item in staggering condition throughout .

Provenance :

UK collection for many years .

2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler – Vol II

Literature :

The Kanazawa bronze company was founded by the government in 1877 following the success of the Vienna worlds fair in 1873, its aim to promote redundant sword fitting makers, among other skilled metalworkers, to produce exceptional quality wares for display at the national and international expositions of the late 19th c, the company was headed up by its president Jyunnya Hasegawa leading a group of exceptional metalworkers including Koji Yamakawa to much success at the major expositions of that time, including receiving the highest accolade at the first national exhibition in 1877.

Condition report :

Superb condition throughout

Approximate Sizes :

Length : 9″ 23 cm

Height : 7″ 18cm ( inc stand)

Depth :  5 1/4″ 13.5 cm

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