Japanese Bronze & Mixed Metal Vase By Yoshihisa

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large high quality Meiji period 1868 – 1912 circa 1890, bronze and mixed metal vase, the artist has captured a pair of high quality silver and shakudo Manchurian Cranes in flight above an exquisite floral display, the native flora picked out in fine quality onlaid detail with the use of many mixed alloys including gold, silver, shakudo and shibuichi to name a few, the decoration continues in similar vein to the reverse of the vase this time the lone Manchurian Crane is about to land among further mixed metal flora, this heavy bronze vase is further decorated to the shoulder in exquisite detail, the front depicts a stylized Ho-Ho bird (Phoenix), to the rear a mixed metal leaf design picked out in Gold and Shakudo, the artist Ipposai (Ikeda ) Yoshihisa has signed the vase to one side with an incised signature above a gold seal.


Yoshihisa is most likely the metalworker recorded in Wakayama Takeshi, Kinko jiten (Dictionary of Metalworkers), Tokyo, Token Shunju Shinbunsha, 1999, p.228, his family name was Ikeda and he lived in Ueno,Tokyo during the Meiji era (1868-1912).

Provenance :

UK based Japanese works of art collection having previously been supplied by ourselves.

Condition report:

The vase is in superb undamaged condition with minimal age related wear.

Approximate Sizes : 

Height:    11 3/4″”   30 cm

Diameter: 6 3/4″”  17.5 cm

Weight : A hefty 3158 gms

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