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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this charming pair of Taisho Period 1912-1926, charming bronze hares that come with a very interesting history according to the script on their original tomobako . These captivating hares cast in bronze by an artist known as Ryozan, a Taisho period artist who’s work has clearly been influenced by the far more restrained and simplistic form synonymous with these early 20th century artists, the hares fur more loosely chiseled, the faces feature lifelike mixed metal eyes. The hares sit within their purpose built protective wooden crate which has been inscribed at the latter part of their interesting ownership journey, a journey that started life in the hands of the Emperor Taisho’s mother, Lady Yanagihara Naruko and subsequently passed to two Japanese families. A charming study with a fascinating back story now available to brighten up a setting of your choice.

Provenance : 

The inscription on the lid of the tomobako translates to suggest that the Matsuo family were gifted these hares by Lady Yanagihara Naruko 1859-1943, (concubine to the Emperor Meiji and biological mother of the Emperor Taisho) and that at the time of the inscription they were in the collection of the Yamada family.

It is perfectly conceivable that these hares were one of many gifts given to the Emperor Taisho during his reign 1912-1926, and then possibly gifted or passed to his mother at the time of his passing , lady Naruko outlived her son by a further 17 years until her death in 1943, the suggested date of this okimono ties in perfectly to around the 1920’s period.

Condition report : 

Lovely condition throughout.

Approximate Sizes :

Taller Hare : 

Height : 6″ 15 cm

Width :  5″  12.5 cm

Depth :  3 1/4″ 8 cm

Hare two : 

Height : 4″ 10 cm

Width :  6″ 15 cm

Depth :  3 1/4″ 8 cm

Free worldwide delivery and a certificate of authenticity are included within the price of this item.  EP76

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