Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vases – Attr Hayashi Kodenji

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this outstanding quality pair of Meiji period 1868-1912 cloisonne enamel vases firmly attributed to one of the leading manufacturers of the golden age of cloisonne having undoubtedly been made at the Nagoya studios of Hayashi Kodenji 1831-1915 & Hayashi Kodenji II 1859-1922, the deep midnight blue enamel ground has been bought to life with an opposing pair of Wisteria trees stood within meadows of delightful cascading native flora, the trees worked in traditional and flattened silver wire to great effect, the floral displays picked out in remarkable detail with delicate cloisons of varying enamel colors once again finely worked in traditional and flattened silver wires, the silver rims surmount more formal borders and further demonstrate the overall complexity and quality of these vases,  a fabulous addition to your cloisonne enamel or Japanese works of art collection.

Literature :

Hayashi Kodenji I 1831-1915 was one of the pioneer craftsman of the early Meiji period, working out of studios in Nagoya Kodenji was instrumental in taking his wares to a wider audience, his marketing skills and determination to open up new overseas sales channels literally helped launch Japanese Cloisonne enamel production and the other highly regarded artists coming to the fore, onto the world stage, it is recorded that Kodenji would have literally walked his wares to the port of Yokohama seeking out those foreign traders and routes to trade , as early as the Paris expositions of 1867 & 1878 and Vienna 1873 Japanese Cloisonne enamels were receiving glowing acclaim and winning medals, following Hayashi came the other most famous makers Namikawa Yasayuki and Namikawa Sosuke (who were not related), the trio going on to win numerous gold medals at the various expositions of the period, with the two Namikawa artists so instrumental in pioneering new enamel colors  and wireless techniques, eventually being rewarded in 1896 with the highest possible accolade as artists to the Imperial household ( Teishitsu Gigei- in), quite how Kodenji was overlooked is beyond belief when you study the workmanship of some of his finest pieces now residing in the worlds leading museums and private collections , it is probably fair to say that today’s enlightened enamel collectors would certainly rank him alongside the other two as the trio of luminary artists of that golden age of cloisonne manufacture .

Provenance :

UK clients Japanese works of art collection.

2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler – Vol II Plate 24

Condition report :

Perfect condition throughout.

Approximate Sizes :

Height : 5 7/8″   15 cm

Diameter : 3″     7.5 cm

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