Japanese Gold Lacquer & Shibayama Kodansu by Shibayama Masayoshi

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this large and exceptional Meiji period 1868-1912 nashiji lacquer and Shibayama kodansu cabinet, decorated throughout with cockerels formed from multi colored abalone shells, horn and other semi-precious materials, the solid silver mounts and carrying handle finely chiseled and gilded, the interior houses four richly lacquered graduated drawers fitted with silver gilt handles, the interior stylishly worked in lacquer decoration by a lacquer artist listed in the Wrangham collections as Kashosai, a truly outstanding kodansu cabinet of large proportions that was actually made by the Shibayama family.


Private UK Collection since the 1950’s and thence by descent.

2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler – plate 37

Literature :

Kodansu cabinets of this type were very opulent and expensive gifts when made, in part due to the length of time involved to produce such a piece, the process would involve at least three collaborating artists, including a lacquer-er, on this occasion the listed lacquer artist Kashosai has signed the interior. A silversmith would have been commissioned to make the fine silver gilt  mounts, however the dominant artist here would have undoubtedly been the Shibayama artist Shibayama Masayoshi who was a direct member of the Shibayama family, whose family name originally derived the generic and often wrongly used term Shibayama.

Lacquer part II of the Nasser D Khalili collections, plate 195 shows a cabinet with similar style nashiji lacquer and Shibayama cockerels, this particular cabinet apparently artist signed by Shinryo .

Condition report :

Lovely untouched original condition with minimal wear .

Approximate Sizes :

Height :  8 1/2”  21.5 cm ( excluding handle )

Length :  9.0”  23 cm

Width :   7.0”  18 cm

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