Japanese Gold Wired Cloisonne Vase – Hayashi Kodenji

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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this Meiji Period 1868-1912 Cloisonne enamel vase, although unsigned it is undoubtedly the work of the Hayashi Kodenji workshops, the deep blue enamel ground is predominately decorated with prunus and maple trees to the front and maples to the rear all worked in incredibly fine silver wire detail, the birds in flight formed from gold wire, a scarce and expensive metal even at that time and usually reserved for the finer quality examples of work, and by the leading artists, the geometric lappet borders are exquisite and reinforce the quality of workmanship such pieces demonstrate, you have to marvel at the techniques involved in decorating under a flared rim for example, the base rim is silver and the inner liner is silver gilt, an absolute jewel of a vase in superb original condition direct to us from a UK based collection.

Provenance : 

UK based Japanese works of art collection.

Condition report :

Lovely condition throughout.

Approximate sizes :

Height :     4 3/4″  12 cm

Diameter : 3″         7.5 cm

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