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As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this most unusual pair of vases from the Meiji period 1868-1912 , circa 1890 , the hardwood vases are supported on scrolling bracket feet and lavishly decorated in mixed metals including silver, gold, shibuichi and shakudo, the sunken high relief panel on the first depicts the poetess “Ono no Komachi” washing a book with water to prove that the verses have been fraudulently added to the text, and with a single butterfly hovering above peony to the reverse, vase two depicts Otomo no Kuronushi, a high ranking courtier and poet, accusing Ono Komachi of plagiarism, chrysanthemums growing from behind a rock to the reverse, each vase further decorated to each side with native flora within fan shaped cartouches, the dense hardwood bodies (probably ironwood but possibly zitan) are each signed to the remaining side with a carved signature that reads Katao, above sumptuous gold seals also translating as Katao, a wonderfully scarce pair of vases with a delightful story attached to the subject matter, a rare addition to your Japanese works of art collection .

Provenance :

2020 Vision of an enlightened ruler – plate 2


The artist Tsukahara Katao is recorded as a Shoami school artist ( Shoami Katsuyoshi) living and working in Tokyo in the late 19th century , see Wakayama Takeshi Kinko Jiten ( a dictionary of metalworkers ) Tokyo, Token Shunju Shinbunsha , 1999,  page 309.

Condition report :

The condition of these vases is remarkable .

Approximate sizes:

Height : 5 5/8″  14.5 cm

Width:  2 1/8″     5.5 cm

Depth:  2.0″         5.0 cm

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